Who is OzLinc?

Availability, continuity and service on demand.

OzLinc Industries is a supply partner of choice used by the Australian mining, infrastructure, fire fighting and marine industries. We make it our business to support yours by providing personalised and responsive service and an unrivalled inventory on demand, so you can be certain that when you need a pipe, fitting, flange, valve or hose, we’ll either have it or we’ll have the next best alternative. Our focus on service and availability galvanises supply chain efficiency and preserves business continuity.

For many of our clients, production never ceases. Delays are costly, so we help mitigate that risk by stocking fluid transfer products across the spectrum of sizes, specifications and finishes. We establish an efficient and consolidated link between our Australian customers and international product manufacturers by forecasting requirements, sourcing from our quality assured global network, assuming the risk of stock holding and delivering on demand. We also provide in house assembly, cutting and threading with the capability to respond to large and custom orders quickly. It gives our customers the reliability they need and it’s why we’ve become a supply partner of choice here in Australia. So whether you are after a high pressure hose, hose fittings or stainless steel fittings, contact OzLinc and order yours today.

Service is ingrained in our culture. Our range is backed by knowledgeable and experienced technical sales staff who add value to every transaction. They come from industry backgrounds and that experience gives them the ability to interpret and overcome problems and offer genuine innovation and flexibility when it’s called for. It’s this aspect of our service that ensures we always get the right solution, first time.

What we stand for


Stock Availability

Our procurement strategy is geared to maximising availability and reducing risk of loss through downtime. You can be confident we will always have the part you need, sourced from our extensive international network.


Staff Expertise

We don’t employ order takers; we employ problem solvers. Our technical sales team is the most experienced in the industry and they have an intimate understanding of our products and how they’re used.


Service Commitment

We put the same priority on each job as you do. We value our client relationships and empower our staff to use their initiative. Whether it’s on the phone or in person, we never say no to a request or a challenge.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

We understand that Safety is not a priority that we reorder, but is a value associated with each and every objective we have.

At OzLinc we maintain the wellbeing of our stakeholders and a sound business through a commitment to fit-for-purpose QHSE systems. We clearly communicate our vision, mission and culture, ensuring we walk the talk throughout our organisation.

We recognise that Quality Assurance is fundamental to our business. OzLinc Industries adheres to ISO 9001 “Integrated Safety and Quality”, while working to become fully ISO certified in its own right.

We understand that a healthy worker is a happy and productive worker. We therefore encourage healthy professional and personal lifestyles through discussion, challenge and example.

Safety is our number one priority and is borne out through a safety focus that touches every aspect of our operations. We empower our employees to think “safety first”, while ensuring funding is available to meet our safety objectives and exceed industry regulations and expectations.

We also recognise that we operate in an industry that can have harmful effects on the environment and maintain a commitment to minimising those effects. We adhere to national regulations as well as further voluntary measures such as waste minimisation, energy efficient lighting and procedures to dispose of outputs through certified recyclers.

Our Culture:

The OzLinc team is passionate in the service of its customers. Honesty, integrity and respect are its code of conduct. OzLinc measures its performance and while holding each and every contributor accountable, ensures individual and group efforts are recognised and rewarded. OzLinc also promotes personal health, believing that healthy employees are happy and productive employees.

The OzLinc Story

The name has changed but our commitment to supply and service remains.

OzLinc Industries began supplying valves and fittings to the marine industry out of a shop in Perth in 1990. The business evolved into Couplers O’Connor and forged a commitment to supply and service that remains a hallmark.

The company’s original owner, Ross Hicks, was no newcomer to the marine trade; as a former shipping agent he had more than a decade’s experience on the tools and a good understanding of what the industry needed. As it happened, the industry needed him more than he could have imagined.

From boat builders to engineering houses, ASX listed companies and even other suppliers in the industry, it transpired that a valve and fittings specialist that could guarantee stock on the shelf was in high demand. ‘Go to Couplers’ became a trade catch cry and if the customers couldn’t get to Couplers, Ross went to them in the company’s 1961 Ford Falcon, including midnight runs to the airport to get urgent deliveries onto planes.

Couplers rightly earned a reputation as a place where you got what you needed and the person you talked to knew exactly what they were on about. From the beginning, the company imported direct, saving customers time and money.

As Couplers grew, it acquired additional space for purpose-built warehouse and administration facilities and established an efficient procurement and inventory system.

In 2010 Couplers expanded into the Queensland market, opening a branch in Brisbane. Ross then took on new business partners to facilitate his growth strategy and, in 2014, adopted a name change to OzLinc Industries, which better represented the company’s national reach. As the company’s relationships within the mining, infrastructure, fire fighting and marine sectors continued to grow, OzLinc cemented its position as a supply partner of choice for its unique ability to anticipate and supply on demand.

Today, OzLinc Industries stands for the same things Couplers did when it was established in 1990. You’ll no longer get Ross calling by in a ‘61 Falcon, but you will get an unrivalled range of fluid transfer products available on demand and be served by the most experienced and knowledgeable technical sales team in the industry.