Are you a Basket Case? - Basket Strainers Explained

Y-Type Strainers are designed to remove foreign matter from pipe lines and provides protection for pumps, meters, valves, and other similar mechanical equipment. Y-Strainers are named after their shape and normally used for course filtration. The Strainer improves the clearance in the medium, and prolongs the life of valves; protect ex-pensive pumps, meters and other equipment. It is suitable for water, air, gas, petroleum, steam and other fluids.

Basket strainers are closed vessels with cleanable screen elements designed to remove and retain foreign particles down to 0.001 inch diameter from various flowing fluids. Strainers do not necessarily remove only dirt. They take out material that is not wanted in the fluid and this can sometime be a valuable product which may be saved. Basket strainers are designed for installation in horizontal lines. They are commonly used for liquid service applications.

What's the difference between a Filter and a Strainer?

A filter is a device that removes particles from a given liquid or gas. It includes a disposable medium for removing particles of specified micron sizes.

Simply stated, a Strainer is also a filter; however, it uses a perforated plate or screen mesh to remove larger particles from a process stream. The major advantage of a Strainer is that it is reusable.

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